What we’re doing to hold events safely at our venue

What we’re doing to hold your event safely at Kent House Knightsbridge

All of our venue meetings are currently taking place remotely but we are putting in place procedures to enable safe showrounds at our venue.

We will be arranging one to one meetings with clients and couples, allowing you access to the venue to be able to plan your event, whilst maintaining strict social distancing procedures.

There will be time between appointments for cleaning and we will have ‘no touch’ procedures in place.

Looking forward to your event, we are developing a set of strict health and safety rules for all our suppliers to adhere to including enhanced cleaning of the venue and frequent sanitisation of restrooms, along with additional training of staff in hygiene measures.

We are still waiting for official guidelines on what social distancing measures event venues will need to put in place. One of the benefits however of Kent House Knightsbridge is our size; as a large venue with lots of rooms we are lucky enough to be able to offer a range of different formats for your event and can potentially offer a free upgrade to larger rooms such as The Sanctuary, enabling greater social distancing.

There are lots of ways to involve guests remotely if they can’t travel or choose not to be there. Technology will play a key role for events in the future and we are currently upgrading our online offering and now have the kit available to live video stream your event as well as being able to partner with experts to create engaging hybrid events. Our caterers are also coming up with inventive ways with to safely serve food.

We’re all working hard to support you during these challenging times. Our team are keeping up with Government advice and we may need to adapt our policies accordingly so always speak to us first for the latest information on our approach to ensure you can hold your event safely.

We look forward to welcoming you back.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you host your event or arrange a showround of Kent House Knightsbridge then please get in touch and we can chat through your requirements. For more information about our venue click here or visit our gallery to see more images. 

TEL : 0207 591 3838 – EMAIL : events@kenthouseknightsbridge.org