Designing your dream event: unleashing creativity in a blank canvas venue in London 

So, you’ve got yourself a blank canvas venue – four walls, a floor, and a ceiling. Sure, in the harsh light of day, it might seem a bit uninspiring, but guess what? It’s also a golden opportunity for transformation. That’s why these venues are your go-to choice if you want the freedom to create a bespoke event that’s truly you or showcases your brand. 

Choosing a blank canvas venue in London, like the historic townhouse Kent House Knightsbridge, feels like snagging a golden ticket for your event aspirations. These venues don’t just offer possibilities; they come with the practical perks of flexibility and adaptability. But, let’s be real, a blank canvas can be a bit daunting. With an empty venue staring back at you, where on earth do you even begin? 

Well, fear not! In this blog post, we’re dishing out five exciting ideas to style your blank canvas venue. We’re talking lighting, furniture, space division with draping, and the enchanting world of floristry—all the tips you need to transform your empty space into the event of your dreams. 

1. Illuminating ambience with lighting

Let’s talk about the magic of lighting. We firmly believe that perfect event lighting is the single most crucial styling decision. It’s not just about creating ambience; it’s about adding that professional edge that makes your event stand out. From conferences to receptions, meticulously planned lighting is the silent conductor orchestrating the guest experience from arrival to the event’s conclusion.

For a blank canvas venue in London, like Kent House Knightsbridge, think about blending ambient and accent lighting. In a conference setting, focus on the stage and speakers with strategic theatrical lighting. Elevate the impact with standout lighting effects – gobos projecting your logo or intricate designs, injecting visual excitement into the space.

But before the big day, a site venue is a must. Assess its size and identify areas where lighting is needed most. Lighting isn’t just about setting the mood; it’s about smartly designing your space. Cleverly placed lights can divide rooms or accentuate specific features, moods/energy and spot lighting lets those focal points shine. 

Engage with your event team to explore the latest tech trends and seamlessly integrate them into your event. What about projection mapping or holograms – perfect for product launches or presentations, breathing life into products with animation and dynamic graphics. 

2. Navigating your venue’s layout

Now, let’s dive into the layout. The nature of your event shapes the possibilities within your chosen space, be it a stage with speakers, awards, a dining setup, a reception with dancing or product showcases. It’s your chance to make the venue work for you. 

In a big square space, think about what you need and how to organise it. Want a spot for greetings? Dreaming of a bar or a dance floor? Figuring out the prime stage location? For a sit-down meal, where do you want the tables for the best vibe? Use furniture wisely and don’t forget to create comfortable seating areas and use softer lighting for a more relaxed atmosphere. 

And when dealing with a vast space, draping is your secret weapon. It’s not just about sectioning things off; it’s a blank canvas for cool effects and mapping. Pick drapes that match your theme and colour scheme, play with textures for that extra oomph. Draping is like a wizard creating zones for dining, dancing, and chilling—adding both practicality and a touch of style to your event. 

3. Occupying the space

Alright, you’ve got your layout sorted. Now, let’s fill the remaining space thoughtfully with your chosen furniture. Tailor your furniture selection to the specific nature of your event. For a contemporary aesthetic, sleek and modern pieces are the way to go. Or, spice things up by experimenting with a mix of styles for that dynamic and visually compelling vibe. 

Go bold – introduce vibrant colors and unique shapes to add flair to the ambience. Encourage socialising and relaxation with lounge areas furnished with plush seating and poseur tables. These additions not only enhance the visual appeal but also create inviting pockets within the venue, ensuring your guests feel comfortable and engaged. 

4. Floral elegance

Now, let’s talk flowers. Floristry is a powerful tool to inject life and colour into a blank canvas venue in London. Choose flowers that resonate with your event’s theme or colour palette. Consider suspended floral installations for a breathtaking visual impact. One of our favourite installations at Kent House was a living grass floor which smelt incredible and brought the outside inside our venue. Table centerpieces, floral arches, and potted plants add a touch of nature, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. And don’t be afraid to go for height – at Kent House Knightsbridge due to our high ceilings, we’ve even installed palm trees for a totally tropical vibe.  

5. Maximising branding potential: walls and ceilings

Don’t overlook the branding opportunities on your venue’s walls and ceilings. Walls make up the majority of the venue and are prime real estate for showcasing your brand. Cover them with lush velvet drapes for opulence or sheer opaque silks for an ethereal touch. Use backdrops or projections that align with your theme or message for a dynamic visual experience. 

Add personality to white and boring walls by featuring thought-provoking quotes or logo projections, creating not only photo opportunities but also increasing the chances of guests sharing their experience on Instagram, spreading the word about your brand. 

Now, let’s lift our gaze to the ceilings. Hanging unique items can bring your venue to life and provide excellent branding opportunities. Think chandeliers, fairy lights, flowers, ribbons—anything that aligns with your brand image. Turn the overhead space into a canvas that enhances the overall atmosphere and reinforces your brand identity. 

Blank canvas venues, like Kent House Knightsbridge, are your playground for creativity. They offer flexibility, versatility and a chance to craft a bespoke event or bring your brand to life. By incorporating lighting, furniture, draping, set design/styling and floristry, you can turn these spaces into captivating experiences. Embrace the freedom and let your imagination run wild; craft an event that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Your blank canvas is waiting to be transformed into an unforgettable masterpiece. 

Exclusive hire of Kent House Knightsbridge allows each event to unfold over two floors with four large and spacious rooms that can be configured for different purposes. Kent House Knightsbridge is ideal for 50 to 300 guests.  If you’d like to know more or arrange a showround do get in touch with Gary who will be happy to help.

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