We love Drunken Dairy’s alcoholic ice creams – it’s like having a party in your mouth!

Our clients are always asking us for new ideas for their events & parties and we love discovering new suppliers as the events industry is so creative and full of fun ideas. This year one of our favourite discoveries has to be Drunken Dairy, makers of alcohol-tinged flavoured ice creams that taste sublime. We caught up with founder Angela Wilkins, also known as the Chief Heifer, to find out more.

Drunken Dairy Strawberry Daiquiri
Drunken Dairy Dark Destroyer
Drunken Dairy Gin & Tonic

Can you describe Drunken Diary in 3 words?

Exciting. Fun. Delicious.

Booze and Ice Cream has to be the perfect combination – what’s the story behind you setting up Drunken Diary?

I’ve always loved ice cream (ironically my first summer job, aged 13 was selling Mr Whippy in Rhyl) and always believed home cooked, natural food is the best. But dairy ice cream is rock-hard. Then I discovered that alcohol, because it doesn’t freeze, can create a soft-scoop texture. It’s not quite that simple, but we had great family-fun getting the recipes right. And, as there was no one else doing this four years ago, my (grown-up!) daughters insisted we start a business. And so the Tipsy Cow was born.

We love your crazy taste combinations – where do you get your ideas from?

This is the bit I love most….  Sometimes it’s just re-creating a classic cocktail or drink, sometimes it’s what a customer specifically asks for (eg. Jimmy Garcia needed a rose wine sorbet so we created a new recipe, adding raspberries to enhance the flavour). The Bee Sting came about because the guys behind Cazcabel tequilas asked us to try out their range. At the end of the day, it’s probably just what we think could work well together.

The flavours in your ice creams and sorbets are outstanding – how important is provenance and quality in your product?

Quality, integrity and honesty are our mantra. When we use coffee, we use coffee beans not syrups, when we say fresh lime we mean we hand-grate and squeeze real limes (a few grazed knuckles are a small price to pay!) ….. nothing beats mother nature. We really want to get our cream and milk direct from a farm – that’s the next challenge.

How do you manage to have your ice cream at the perfect temperature so you don’t have to chisel it out and neither is it melting?

The freezer temperature is important, but it’s the recipe that’s the real key to this.

You have such great names for your flavours – Dark Destroyer is a favourite! – who thinks them up?

This is the great thing about being a family business – we normally get together for a meal, with new flavours for dessert, then we brain-storm. It’s fun – and it’s great when people smile or laugh when they read our menus. I just love it when older people have a cheeky grin and ask for a Sex Bomb.

What are you working on at the moment and how can your ice creams be tailored for events?

We’ve just done a Sangria sorbet for Evolve Events, and we’re working with Silent Pool gin on a Strawberry Eton Mess ice cream and a G&T sorbet using their 80% proof gin!!  One of the strengths of Drunken Dairy is that because we create our own recipes, we can quickly respond to taste trends and specific themes. We can do this because we make everything ourselves, and I think it’s something that sets us apart from other ice cream manufacturers. We just love a challenge!

Drunken Dairy
Drunken Dairy
Drunken Dairy
Drunken Dairy

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