Kent House Knightsbridge boasts a rich history. Built in 1790, it takes its name from Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and father to Queen Victoria, who, rumour has it, gifted it to his mistress after installing a secret tunnel connecting it to Kensington Palace. After being auctioned in 1808, it was occupied by notable figures until its demolition in 1870.

The current red brick and Portland stone building was the residence of Lady Louisa Ashburton, and it retains the name and royal legacy of the original mansion. In 1940, it was owned by Sir Saxton Noble, who hosted cultural events, including performances by Les Ballet Russes.

During World War II, Kent House served as a Red Cross store. In the 1960s, a revival began, and recent restoration efforts have preserved its classical elegance.

Today, Kent House Knightsbridge stands as a top London venue for private events and brand celebrations.