Why host your event in Knightsbridge?

In the heart of London, Knightsbridge has a unique blend of historical pedigree and contemporary luxury – a combination that attracts event planners globally. If you host your event in Knightsbridge, it isn’t merely a statement of prestige; it’s an experience of an area that exemplifies the very best of British heritage, modern-day opulence, and unparalleled accessibility. Here are just some of the reasons why we think Knightsbridge is unmatched as as a London location for your event.

    1. London’s Crown Jewel

      Knightsbridge isn’t just a location; ‘Knightsbridge’ is London shorthand for luxury and sophistication. And with a history that dates back to Edward I and a crossing over the river Westbourne (now underground), it has retained a prestigious reputation throughout the centuries. This area is steeped in British history yet has a very modern feel, providing a rich backdrop for any event.

    2. Unbeatable Location

      Knightsbridge’s central location means it’s incredibly well-connected. It’s serviced by major transport links, including the Knightsbridge Underground Station on the Piccadilly line which connects directly to Heathrow airport, making it seamless for guests to arrive from across the city or from national or international destinations.

    3. World-Class Cuisine

      The area is known for its world-class dining, with Michelin-starred chefs on every corner, from Marcus Wareing to Gordon Ramsay. There is never a shortage of places to eat and drink with international reputations in this corner of London.

    4. Diverse Event Spaces

      Knightsbridge is home to a variety of event venues, but Kent House, a Victorian townhouse, stands as a testament to Knightsbridge’s historic heritage. The venue has all the advantages of being a historic building but without the confines of listed building status which can make customising event spaces a challenge. It’s a perfect blank canvas venue in fact for any type of event from corporate events, to weddings and private parties.

    5. Shopping and Style

      With iconic stores like Harrods and Harvey Nichols just around the corner, Knightsbridge is a hub for luxury shopping. Guests at events hosted at Kent House enjoy the proximity to these world-famous retail landmarks for an all-encompassing luxury experience.

    6. The Knightsbridge Effect

      An event hosted in Knightsbridge carries with it a cachet that is recognised both nationally and internationally. It’s a district that, much like a well-tailored suit or a fine wine, signifies a certain je ne sais quoi. This ‘Knightsbridge effect’ can elevate the profile of your event, simply by association.

      When you choose to host your event in Knightsbridge, you’re not just selecting a location you’re curating an experience that weaves together history, luxury, and a prestigious central London postcode. It’s a choice that speaks of your commitment to the quality of the event you will be hosting.

Exclusive hire of Kent House Knightsbridge allows each event to unfold over two floors with four large and spacious rooms that can be configured for different purposes. Kent House Knightsbridge is ideal for 50 to 300 guests.  If you’d like to know more or arrange a showround do get in touch with Gary who will be happy to help.

TEL : 020 7610 2808 – EMAIL :  events@kenthouseknightsbridge.org